Dental Shop Price List

My values are to be sustainable. I have looked at this three ways; Economic, Environmental and Social (more details on sustainable page). My shop reflects my values, as I search for top quality products for you and the planet!

I keep a small stock of these products to help you start as you mean to carry on! If you want a specific product just drop me an email/message and I will bring it with me to your appointment or I will reply to organise a delivery (PP not included in prices).

Tepe Good Toothbrush

Tepe Choice Toothbrush

Tepe Interspace

Tepe Interspace Brush

Recycled electric heads
£7.00 (Oral B compatible)

Tepe Baby toothbrushes

Daily Baby Brush

Tepe Daily Baby toothpaste

Tepe Daily Baby Toothpaste


Floss Picks
£2.99 pack of 50

Dental Tablets

£5.99 (pack of 30)

Tepe Interdental-Brushes

Interdental brushes
£5.00 (pack of 8)




Single toothbrush £1.50 pm for a toothbrush every 3 months

Interdental brushes £10 pm for monthly packet of interdental brushes

Family toothbrush bundle: £10.50pm (4 brushes delivered every 3 months)

To order your dental hygiene goods, please use the contact form below and I will call you to arrange payment.